Friday, July 20, 2012

Big Changes

I have a lot of ideas, dreams, plans and schemes. There is SO much going on in this brain of mine lately, that I'm just having a tough time organizing it all - especially since my planner has been MIA for over a week. It could be somewhere in this mish mash of a living room we have, or I could have lost it while out and about. I'm SERIOUSLY hoping it isn't the latter, as it held a lot of important info for me.

Anyway, here is the tip of the iceberg. This blog is about to get much more active. I am currently still a mom of two, working as a yoga & Pilates teacher learning to green my life more and more...and the green part won't change. What I'm looking to change is my status as a working mom. I will always have to work in some regard, but I no longer wish to RELY on teaching as a means for paying bills. I want to teach for the joy, and be able to give my proceeds to charity - specifically an organization I hope to create in the near future. In a nutshell, I want to help moms stay at home with their babies/kids, and I want to create a monthly giveaway of necessary baby items, working toward a dream nursery giveaway. This will all start small....but I hope for it to grow and grow.

So, how does a working mom (who still RELIES on that work to just fill basic needs) shift her life to be able to help others and grow? It starts with the belief - that this will happen, it's all a matter of time - and it's built by a company that fuels dreams and keeps people alive - and well.

I have joined an amazing company and begun an amazing journey. This company is called Zurvita, and they have come up with a mostly whole foods supplement called Zeal. This isn't your regular supplement - Zeal changes lives. There are testimonials galore of what Zeal has done for people, all within a short 1 1/2 year timeframe from which it was introduced to the world. Since I began taking Zeal on a regular basis, only a month and a half ago, I have found more energy, more patience, and most interesting to me - I have had a small lump in my arm for at least two years, perhaps longer. I was just beginning to think I should get it checked out, but had heard some others say cysts and moles shrank after using Zeal. I decided to wait and see....and it's shrinking. Not gone yet, but definitely shrinking. Pretty cool if you ask me.

What's in it, you ask? There are so many ingredients and it's too late for me to get into it all now - but it begins with the powerhouse of stabilized rice bran. Stabilized by a non-chemical process! This is a first, and SO important to our health. That single ingredient plays a vital role in the nutrient base of Zeal. It brings with it protein, complex carbohydrates, insoluble and soluble fiber, omega 3s and 6s, tocopherols, tocotrienols, antioxidants, and many vitamins and minerals. I will be covering each of the things listed above as well as the many other ingredients in Zeal (to name a few; moringa oleifera, chlorella, and aloe vera powder) in posts to follow.

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Thanks for reading!