Thursday, January 26, 2012

And so it begins...

So! Has it been too long??? Of course, that's my MO. However, I am (yet again) attempting to actually blog here - with a couple of motivational tools. I am going to join up with February's 29 Day Organizational challenge hosted by Organizing Junkie, and I've also started the 30 day Pilates Challenge on Backtracking - As you can see from the previous post, I now have two beautiful children, both boys. C was born in October...and although he is only 3 months old, I suddenly feel incredibly lazy! And, how is that true? many ask me...I have two kids. Yes, I have two, but I know many with more. But children aside, I have been looking around at my surroundings and searching within myself for ways to improve. I have a lot of inspiration to declutter, not only my home, but my own emotional stagnancy. I've held myself back in a lot of ways over the years and I feel it's time to start a new way. I can't say I've ever really held onto this feeling before, although it has passed through me, but this time I want to take hold and charge forward. In all honesty, having children has always been a high priority of mine, and now that I actually do have the plural of chilDREN, and not just a child, I feel a little bit more complete (although certainly not done...but that's another story!). So, on the quest to declutter my home, I begin next week with the February challenge, and I will be linking up at the end of the month to show progress...the main thing to consider is WHICH room to choose??? And for my post-pregnancy body I've begun the 30 day Pilates Challenge. Yesterday was Day #2, and today I ended up stuck for several hours waiting for my car to get finished, so I haven't found my time. Sorry excuse? Perhaps. But I will pick back up at Day #3 tomorrow. :)

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