Sunday, August 16, 2009

Babywearing meme

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In honor of my follower (Wow! Thanks so much!) I am going to post about wearing my baby on this blog as well as my Shober family blog. I, as well as many women around the world, am a huge fan of babywearing. Especially in the first few months, it is such an important closeness to have with a child, and helps to regulate baby systems. I have and loved several different carriers in those first few months, but above all was my favorite, the Maya Wrap.

I had heard about the Maya Wrap from several people, but it was a friend of mine in the South who listened to my request and sent me one in the mail. In a lovely shade of blue to match my baby's eyes, I proudly started to use it around the house. When newborn, Tobin COULD NOT handle being in the cradle position, like most newbie carriers are made to be used, so the upright postion ability of the Maya Wrap made his little heart pound in such a delightful way. He was happy to be there, against me, with his head up. And I was happy to be able to snuggle him while getting some things done around the house - all while in my early momhood foggy brain time.

Fast forward 5-8 months. Now, being a crawling get around baby, and me a much more clear-headed working mommy, I find a different carrier to be my best friend. This one was handed down to me by a very generous family that I also work for. A Baby Trekker - it has several different positions, as the Maya Wrap does, but what's best about this one is that I can put Tobin on my back, facing outward, and he is happy as a clam. I know other carriers allow children to face inward on the back, and this one does, too - but just try putting a grabby, into everything child on your back FACING you - when you have LONG hair that despite your best efforts to keep it up at all times somehow finds its way into the ever strengthening grasp of your 8 month old. No, not going to happen. So, I'm ever grateful that I can have him face outward, and he can look at the world and our surroundings and even nap there.

Here enters my work life. I do a little of many things. I teach yoga & Pilates, yes. Sometimes I even do Reiki sessions or teach Reiki classes. But I also clean houses and babysit. Heck, now I've even started hosting at our favorite restaurant here & there. Well, for most of these things, I'm lucky to be able to bring my little boy with me. For some others, hosting & teaching classes specifically, he is lucky enough to stay home with his daddy.

So - certainly for the housekeeping, I love love LOVE to have Tobin on my back. I do question the ability to do this as he gets bigger, but for now, it really fits the bill. He's happy, close to me, and I know where he is and what he's doing. It took some getting used to just to be certain he wasn't grabbing everything behind me, but now that I have a general idea of how far I need to stay from things it all works like a charm. Plus - it adds an additional benefit of being a workout for me! People ask about my back & its health. Well, the fabulous Baby Trekker has such nicely padded straps that I hardly feel a thing. Ok, it helps that my abdominals are strong from yoga & Pilates.

Anyway, pics to come of my LO with me at work these days, but as for the older days, I have none! I can't believe it, but there are no pictures of Tobin in the Maya Wrap. Ah...sigh. At least I'll get some of the current days. Check back to see!

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  1. How wonderful that you can wear your babe while you work! Babywearing is such a blessing- I wish more moms knew about it and understood how wonderful it is!

    Thanks for participating in the meme!