Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Cloth?

I wasn't entirely convinced about cloth when I found out I was pregnant. I went back & forth about it for a while, considering the water to be used plus electricity - wondering once & for all which option might be better for the planet. Never did the idea of Huggies or Pampers cross my mind. I looked into Nature Babycare - the only entirely compostable diaper and package on the market. So, I purchased a case of them and gave one package to a friend.

Somewhere along the way, I changed my mind and decided to sign up for our local diaper service "at least for the first few months", I told myself. I could register for gift certificates & that would solve the issue of getting diapers for the first few months. Fortunately, my husband's grandmother and my dad did purchase gift certificates, because at $20/week, a service adds up fast!!!

I was super grateful to have the service in the beginning, while I was so delirious I could never have done the laundry required. As T hit that 2 month mark, however, I started to question why we weren't doing it ourselves, at home, and became even more addicted to searching out my options online.

By 3 months, we gave up the service, and just in time - they closed down due to the economy. Score! We managed to get 20 prefolds at $1 a piece! Woo hoo! I also split a bumGenius 12 pack with a friend of mine & I felt I was pretty stocked. At that time, I mean. Now...well, that's another post!

So, my cloth diaper obsession started a little at a time, and while I love that we are saving money and making a fantastic choice for the planet, I really love dressing my babe in super cute diapers!

Happily Domestic


  1. Julia,
    Thanks for joining in. :-) I am so glad you did.
    I too looked into a diaper service at first, but one look at their prices and that quickly changed my mind. It was more than I was spending on disposables and I didn't want to use just prefolds. I also wanted to keep the diapers for our next babies. I think diaper services are more for people who do cloth diapering for the environment and have money to spend. The rest of us wash them ourselves! :-)

  2. I never knew what the pricing was for service, wow! That's great that you got some good deals when they closed.

  3. Aren't you glad you choose cloth? I have reached the point where my baby is thinking potty traning and I am super duper sad about it! funny huh?

  4. What providence that you decided to stop just as they closed down! Sorry they closed down though :-(. I love that Smartipants diaper your son is wearing. My daughter has the same one. Super cute color!

  5. He is super cute in those smartipants. I will be sad when my babies are out of cloth diapers.