Saturday, June 26, 2010

I won!!!

Yes, I won something! I won a bag of Clean B detergent! This is exceptionally exciting to me, because I have been looking into a new detergent for my diapers again. I tried & love Rockin Green, but I managed to get a (mild) stink again that just won't go away. Having recently read many reviews of Clean B, I visited the website to read & learn more about the work at home mom & maker of Clean B, Melissa. I decided I really wanted to try it out. So, here's my chance!

Clean B was born out of the desire to have a great natural detergent that cleans well and leaves a scent behind when all is said & done. I love this idea, as most natural detergents are scentless by the time the wash is being folded, and while the heavy perfumes of regular detergent really bother the point of getting a headache...a little scent would be nice. And wow - do they offer a LOT of scents!!! It's boggling to think of the process creating these detergents! I'm quite curious to see which scent will arrive at my door.

Just HOW did I win such a prize? you may ask. Well, a while back, I joined up as a seeker on Green Quiz Quest. It's easy to join, just go to their site and enter your email on the upper left corner of the home page. I have been checking and answering riddles on their facebook page. This time, not only did I answer correctly, but my name was chosen along with three other lucky people. I guess it was a few days ago because I was about to be outed if I didn't answer them soon!

Fortunately, they contacted me again (I found out later the original email they sent didn't go thru) and here I am! Quite excited about this one.

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