Friday, July 30, 2010

Clean B review

Now that I've tried & finished my bag of Clean B, I've got to tell you all about it:

I sit here with a clean basket of clean diaper laundry sitting next to me - and I'm enjoying the wafting scent of honey almond that is rising up to my nose. I love love love this stuff! I haven't had such a tantalizing washing experience since I began washing our own diapers when T was 3 months old. Before that I only smelled the bleach in the diaper services' prefolds, so I can't say that was much nicer! This stuff is truly amazing, though. Not only do I feel my boy's diapers are coming out super clean, but they smell sooo nice! I have been hogging this bag of Clean B just for our diaper laundry, so I haven't had the pleasure of smelling it on my clothing, but when my new bag, just ordered today, arrives, I very well may put it to use in all areas of laundering.

Update - I began writing this on Friday, and since I received my new bag of Clean B in scent Baby Fresh yesterday, I have soaked and washed two loads of dirty clothes in this fantastic stuff. One load included the unfortunate exercise clothes of my brother's - which I have thrown into our laundry before and only had my clean clothes come out smelling like feet. (Sorry Eric, but they did!) This time, I soaked all of our clothes, his and my family's in one, with a generous scoop of Clean B, for an hour. Then I washed as normal and dried as normal...and guess what? No foot smell! In fact, I just sniff the lovely scent of the detergent and that's all. Thanks, Clean B!!!

So - right now, they are running a giveaway when they reach 1000 fans on facebook. If you aren't already a fan (press like) go on over to Clean B and like them! Let's get the momentum going here...

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