Friday, June 24, 2011


For anyone who happens to stop by occasionally...hello again!

I am currently 5 months pregnant with baby #2. I got pregnant at the end of January, and by the time I hit 5 weeks, nausea hit. It increased incrementally until I could no longer keep a thing down, including water or most beverages. Ginger ale worked for the most part, but I was still dehydrated. Anyway, at 20 weeks it all passed, and here I am heading into the sixth month and feeling alive again.

Better news for you, I've decided to participate in a review & giveaway hosted by MyBlogSpark! I am a devoted and faithful cloth diaper user, I even stuck through it when I couldn't bear the smell of my son's poops in combo with the detergent I was using at the height of my nausea. Many a time, I thought I would put them away and get some 'sposies to get me through...but a change in detergent and several washes later, I pulled through the worst of it.

Anyway, all of that said, this spark review is for a pack of Seventh Generation's new diaper line:Free & Clear. I will be receiving the diapers soon, and after using them a few times will conduct my review & giveaway. Please keep posted for the info on that!

Hope to see you soon. :)

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