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Seventh Generation Free and Clear diapers Review & Giveaway

Update: Due to low entries, I will be extending this giveaway until July 31, 11:59 EST.
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As a cloth diaper enthusiast, I rarely have the opportunity to use disposable diapers. This is, of course, mostly by choice - I love my boy in cloth too much to opt for 'sposies! He has, in his 2.5 years of life, spent a total of 22 days in disposable diapers. Truth be told, 9 of those days he wore cloth at night since I really don't trust disposables to hold in all he has to offer.

That said, when opting for a disposable, I turn to the more environmentally friendly companies first. Seventh Generation is one of the top options on that list for me. So, when I received an offer from MyBlogSpark to try out, and review the new line of Free and Clear dipes offered by Seventh Generation, I decided to go ahead and give it a whirl.

My pack arrived the day before we took off for my mom's fourth of July weekend. While I have always brought cloth with me to her house in the past, I figured it was an opportune time to try out the disposables. So, off to the store I went to purchase a package of Seventh Generation wipes to match (why use cloth wipes with disposable diapers? I know, I know, I could have, but I didn't), and we took off for NJ.

T was overjoyed with the package of diapers...he walked around the living room before we left holding them and exclaiming over them. This excitement didn't wane with the option to put one on when we arrived at our first destination, a friend's house in NJ. He thought they were great! Of course they are super easy to use, the fit is great, and they clean up easily. Most of my complaints come only from the comparison of cloth to disposable, and not of these diapers in particular.

What do I like about the Seventh Generation diapers?
~ The ingredients are listed right on the package.

~ A major complaint I have with most disposables is that I can smell a wet (urine filled) diaper the second a child wearing one comes into my immediate range. With these diapers, it's not so overwhelming, and I assume (with no factual basis) this is because Seventh Generation uses both SAP (super absorbent polymer or sodium polyacrylate)and wood pulp as absorbents, rather than just the SAP.

~ Seventh Generation is consistently working toward creating a healthier product for family and the planet, and the new generation of the Free and Clear diapers are no exception. The packaging is now smaller and recyclable wherever you can return plastic bags (as in supermarkets). They've cut back the amount of wood pulp used, and attempt to cut the overall space each package contributes to landfills.

In the past, I have erroneously assumed the pigmentation of these diapers was due to the lack of chlorine bleaching in the processing of Seventh Generation diapers. As written on the package, "The color of disposable diapers is typically achieved through the addition of pigments. This is also true for the brown layered materials in Seventh Generation diapers." Reading more from the Seventh Generation website, I learned that without such pigmentation, disposables would be virtually see-through, and after direct feedback from consumers, the company decided to continue using the safe brown pigment in their diapers.

After three days away, I still have half a package of these diapers to use. I'm saving them for a rainy day. As in the past, I will continue to reach for Seventh Generation as an option when necessary, like when T had impetigo and I had to strip all of our cloth diapers. It's still up for debate as to whether I will use disposables for the meconium days when baby #2 arrives this fall. If I do, I may opt for these dipes as well. We'll see!

As a part of my participation in this review, Seventh Generation would like to offer a package of Free and Clear diapers through MyBlogSpark to one lucky winner on this blog. Interested to try a pack of your own? Please enter, and spread the word!

Want to try the diapers out before the giveaway closes? Seventh Generation has offered a $2 coupon to my readers. You must have a coupon printer installed to print this out. Find the link here.

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  1. OK, so since I haven't tried the diapers I can say that I look forward to seeing how they compare to the other 'sposies that we use. I had no idea that disposable diapers used wood pulp!

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