Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 2

There are so many things for me to write about, really. I began to think about it, and every direction I turned in my mind I came up with more to share. But tonight, what is on my mind is only one thing.

It was bedtime, and T, my 4 year old, was about to pick out a book to read. Before he went to his bookshelf, he came to me with his hand on his neck and said, "There's a ball in my neck. And it's magic! It shows me what's inside my body."

It's tick season here in the Catskills and he's already had a dog tick burrowed in his scalp, and I found two deer ticks on myself over the last 24 hours. That was where my head went first.

But, then when I asked him to show me, I realized there was nothing on his skin - this 'ball' was deep below the surface. And it surely is a ball. It's not near his glands (which have always had a tendency to be swollen), either.

I was shockingly calm. I listened to his tales of how he could see his blood and guts and bones through this ball. I asked him if there was another on the other side of his neck.

"There should be." He responded matter-of-factly.

But upon further inspection, he told me there wasn't another that matched.

I said, "Ok, you know what? We're also going to see what the doctor might have to say about it!"

He loves the doctor. The office is large and he gets stickers.

"Ok!" he said.

And as we read The Great Honey Hunt, I snuggled him a bit closer.

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